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October 2010 - Norah Grace Hinson's Baby Blog Norah Grace Hinson's Baby Blog

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Family time at the hospital

Your Gogo and Papa brought your big sister to visit you in the hospital the day you were born, and again the next day. She’s very excited about you. She was a little hyper, and it made me nervous since she wanted to touch your head.

Mimi and Pappy came by to visit early in the day before going back home. You were sleeping peacefully while everyone was there. Everyone is very happy to have you in the family.

Our little family

Hannah gives her little sister a kiss on the nose

Pappy holds baby Norah

Mimi holds Norah

Norah and Mommy together

Mommy and Norah Cuddling

Mommy and Norah napping

Gogo with Norah

Gogo, Hannah and Norah

Norah all dressed up

Big sister Hannah is a big helper. She wants to help out as much as she can, so daddy put her in charge of helping mommy get water while she was feeding you.

At the time of this writing, Norah was 3 days old.

At the time of this writing, you were 2 years, 3 months, 4 days old.

Family time at the hospital



Welcome to the World

You were born at 2:12pm on Tuesday, October 26th, 2010. You weighed 7 lbs, 3.4 oz. You were 20.5 inches long. When you were delivered, daddy caught you and placed you on mommy’s chest so that you could eat immediately. It was so surreal to see you come out so quickly. You look different than your sister, I’m excited to see you grow and develop.

This is your birth story:

At 2:30am, mommy woke up to a wet spot in the bed and realized her water had broken. We didn’t exactly know what to do because with your sister, that didn’t happen. Mommy called the doctor and asked what we should do. Because she was Group Strep B positive, they told us to come in to the hospital. So we called Gogo and told her it was time to come over and stay with Hannah. When she got there, we had our bags packed and were ready to go to the hospital.

We drove to the hospital at 4am. It was dark, and there were no cars on the road at all. It made for a quick trip to the hospital. We went inside the hospital to get checked in and were finally settled in our room at about 4:30am. Things went pretty smoothly from there. At about 8am, we asked for the epidural. When your mommy had Hannah, she didn’t have an epidural, but she labored through the day and had been preparing to go to the hospital, so she had prepared herself to go the natural route. After that experience she made the decision that she would likely have an epidural with you so she could enjoy the process more. After the epidural, things seemed to go slowly, but it was just because mommy couldn’t feel the contractions, so she was in and out of naps until Gogo, Papa, Mimi and Pappy arrived. When they arrived, they brought a biscuit and coffee for Daddy (for whatever reason, mommy wasn’t allowed to eat). We visited with the family for awhile, then the nurse came in and checked mommy’s progress. Since you were ok and mommy was ok, they let mommy “labor down” which means they let her body do most of the work to prepare for pushing.

At around 11:30am, the nurse planned to have the midwife come in and break what was left of mommy’s water, but apparently she was in some type of meeting or something, so at about 1:30pm, our nurse went ahead and checked mommy’s progress  and decided to go ahead and start pushing and notify the midwife that we were doing so. At 2:12pm, you were born. Daddy caught you and put you on mommy’s chest, and within a few minutes you were feeding. We let the cord pulse until it stopped, then daddy cut the cord. The nurses let mommy feed you and sit with you for a half-hour until they had to administer the vitamin K and some stuff for your eyes. You didn’t like it when they were taking your vitals, washing you and giving you the vitamins. I don’t think I would either.

After they were finished with all that stuff, they gave you back to mommy and they took us to our room. You slept most of the night. A little later in the evening, everybody came back to visit, and you met your big sister Hannah for the first time. She was very excited about you.

Mommy and Daddy before we left for the hospital

Mommy before left for the hospital

Arriving at the hospital

Mommy likes the epidural

Mommy, Pappy and Mimi

Daddy, Pappy and Mommy

Papa and Gogo with Mommy

Mommy and Daddy with Gogo and Papa before Norah was born

Daddy cuts the umbilical cord

Mommy did great

Norah on mommy immediately after birth

Seven Pounds, 3.8 ounces

Norah under the warmer

Norah holds daddy's hand

Norah footprints

Norah getting eye goo

Norah's footprints 2

Norah gets her hair washed

Norah's first bath

Norah's first diaper

Mommy holding you after you're all cleaned up

At the time of this writing, Norah was old.

At the time of this writing, you were 2 years, 3 months, 1 day old.


First day outside the womb, first breath of air, first time meeting your family, first diaper, first poop, first shot. Today was a day of firsts.

Welcome to the World



Waiting around.


You were due to be born today, but we’re still waiting. It’s not surprising that you’re late, everyone in your family is. So I guess you’ll fit right in. Your mother and I are really looking forward to meeting you. This is the first post in your baby blog. I created one for your older sister too, but I didn’t get the idea until she was almost a year old, so I suppose your infant pictures will be here. To introduce myself, I’m daddy. My birth name is Joseph Victor Hinson, I am named after Joseph the Hebrew from the book of Genesis, and Victor Hinson, my father (your Papa). His mother wasn’t around when he grew up, so his grandmother basically raised him. She was a really great woman, and her name was Gracie. Your name is Norah Grace Hinson, because your mommy and I thought it was a beautiful name and wanted to pay tribute to who helped to raise your Papa.

Everyone’s excitingly anticipating your arrival. We really can’t wait to meet you. The next post from me will have pictures of your cute little infant baby face.

This was written 4 days before you were born.

At the time of this writing, you were 2 years, 2 months, 27 days old.

Waiting around.